Trustless Reputation Wherever You Need It

Orange is a protocol for building trustless, decentralized, and portable reputation for Web3.

How Does Orange work?

Reputation is the new currency in Web3 and beyond. As communities and ecosystems evolve, so do forms of meaningful contribution and engagement. Orange Protocol provides the platform, tools, and framework to create flexible and comprehensive reputation models, scores, and credentials that bridge both Web3 and Web 2.0 -- and act as a passport to move seamlessly between the two.

Why Choose Orange for Reputation Credentials?

Trustless Operations

Operate with confidence in a fully decentralized environment where contributions and interactions are automatically scored and evaluated.


Your data and reputation are yours alone. Orange ensures your reputation evaluation is independent, requiring your authorization for every computation.

Diverse Data Spectrum

Benefit from a rich variety of on-chain and off-chain data provided by multiple sources, enabling a comprehensive view of your reputation.

Custom Algorithms

Uses algorithms designed for diverse reputation assessments, ensuring relevance and precision for your specific Web3 ecosystem needs.

Flexible Reporting

Choose how to represent your reputation. Whether it's a detailed report, a verifiable credential, or an NFT, you have the power to decide.

Developer-Centric Integration

Implement Orange's reputation system with ease, thanks to a design that prioritizes developer experience and seamless API integration.

How to Generate Reputation Report?

Enter Orange with DID
Select Algorithm
Select Data Source
Get Reputation Report

Our Infrastructure For Reputation System

Orange Protocol's library of providers offer a wide range of on-chain and off-chain data across diverse blockchains, DeFi platforms, NFTs, DAOs, and more. This wealth of data includes social media verification and smart-contract interactions, available at the most recent or historical block height.
For Contributors
Become part of the decentralized reputation movement:
  • Submit data requests
  • Join as a data provider
For Developers
Empower your platform with reliable reputation metrics:
  • Check out the available data sources
  • Build your own reputation system

Supported Network

Connect with a wide range of networks for comprehensive integration:

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