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Orange is a protocol for building trustless, decentralized, and portable reputation for Web3.
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Data Providers

Data providers supply on-chain and off-chain data for assessing reputation. The data can be from any industry and technology vertical.

Model Providers

Model providers design models specifying the operations that are performed on data. Models produce reputation evaluation results.


Orange can be integrated to applications via an SDK regardless of the specific system design. Reputation evaluation contributes to fair and democratic decision-making for apps in scenarios such as airdrops and DAO governance.


Individual users can generate personalized reputation reports from various perspectives based on data they authorize to Orange. Qualified users certified by such reports can be entitled to a favorable position in activities such as governance voting and incentive programs.

Generate Reputation Report in Four Steps

Enter Orange with DID
Select Model
Select Data Source
Get Reputation Credential/NFT


The Orange platform will run in a decentralized manner in terms of operations and governance. The Orange DAO will be established in the fullness of time.


The reputation evaluation process is self-sovereign. Data access and reputation reporting must be authorized by users. Any user data are only accessible to users themselves.

Data Diversity

Orange users can generate reputation reports based on on-chain and off-chain data from multiple sources and blockchains.

Model Versatility

Applications can customize the way they use models for reputation evaluation based on specific scenarios in their ecosystems.

Configurable Reporting

Orange reputation reporting is flexible and available in multiple formats. Users can download their scores as a file, generate a verifiable credential, or mint an NFT. As Orange evolves, more reporting options will become available.

Seamless Integration

Orange is designed to be developer friendly. It can be easily integrated using Orange SDK.

Infrastructure For Reputation System

Data Providers of Orange Protocol currently provide comprehensive on-chain and off-chain data across different blockchains, DeFi protocols, NFT, DAOs, and Web 2 social media authentication data, encompassing smart-contract and user behavior data at a most recent block height or that at a historical time.

Launch the Orange Reputation Studio to check out the available data sources and build your own reputation system, or submit your data request by becoming a data provider. Email [email protected] , or join our discord channel if you want to be part of Orange Protocol!

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