Orange Protocol is at ETHDenver

Mint your Reputation NFT and earn an Bufficorn at ETHDenver

Welcome ETHDenver attendee!

Orange is a protocol for trustless, decentralized, and portable reputation for web3 projects, spaces, and communities. By aggregating on and off-chain data, Orange enables creation of portable reputation reports, scores, and credentials for each individual identity.

Perhaps you found one of our oranges, or scanned our banner at one of our partnered events, or maybe even met one of our team members. Whichever the way, you are now here, and we invite you to participate in one of our ETHDenver events.

Orange Protocol Bufficorn Raffle

How to Enter

Go to the Orange Reputation Studio (Desktop PC only).
Mint at least one of three Orange NFTs in the same wallet. Which NFTs you are eligible to mint will be based on your on-chain reputation history. Time to prove whether you are a Crypto Whale, NFT Collector, and/or Web3 Citizen! [Show animated pictures of the 3 different NFTs and the titles, Crypto Whale, NFT Collector, Web3 Citizen, just like how they are displayed at []
On Monday, February 28th, at 12 PM MST, a snapshot will be taken, and 10 lucky winners will be randomly selected. Your Bufficorn will be airdropped to your address on the Ethereum network.
Issued by: Orange Protocol
Issued by: Orange Protocol
Issued by: Orange Protocol

Other Ways to Get Involved

See Orange Speak

- February 16th at 4 PM, Humpty Calderon: Digital Identity and DAOs, DAODenver
- February 17th at 11 AM, Humpty Calderon: The accessibility of web3, BUIDLing for Inclusivity
- February 17th at 3 PM, Gloria Wu: Onboarding with self-sovereign identity and reputation, BUIDLing for Inclusivity

Build on Orange

Orange is a protocol for building trustless, decentralized, and portable reputation for Web3. Orange makes it easy to integrate on-chain reputation into your dApps, including asset balances, NFT ownerships, and DAO voting data. Read through our developer documentation here (

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